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Loopus Modules is a full featured loop station for the open source modular synthesizer emulator VCV Rack.
It includes two modules: Foursome, the loop station itself, and Voyeur, an expander module that adds many tasty functionalities and controls to Foursome.

These are the main features:
  • Four track stereo loop station
  • Loop recording time depends on your available RAM only, no intrinsic limits
  • Unlimited overdubs
  • The four track are always synchronized
  • Undo function for each track to revert the last recording
  • Global controls: direction, start point, end point
  • Individual tracks controls: gain, pan, fade in, fade out
  • Individual stereo outputs for each track
  • Ability to save as WAV file the complete loop and each individual track (through the included Voyeur module)
  • Solo/mute tracks grid (thorugh the included Voyeur module)
  • Multiple instances of the loop station can be synchronized, allowing you to have a complete and extensible multitrack environment
  • Comprehensive and clear manual included (you can also download it here if you want to check it in depth before you buy)

You can buy Loopus Modules for 9 EUR (multiplatform: Windows / Linux / OSX), with lifetime updates included: