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Sonus Modular is a collection of modules for the open source modular synthesizer emulation VCV Rack.

Sonus Modular features 12 modules:
  • Bitter: bit manipulator
  • Bymidside: MS (mid-side) encoder
  • Deathcrush: distorsion and bitcrusher
  • Harmony: chord generator
  • Luppolo: loop station
  • Multimulti: a simple but handy double 2-in 8-out multiples
  • Osculum: a VCO capable of harmonic but unusual sounds
  • Paramath: signals comparing and math utils
  • Piconoise: an ultra compact white noise generator with 8 outputs
  • Pusher: four button controller
  • Scramblase: triple quadruple waveshaper
  • Twoff: double CV static offset

The code is released under GPLv3 open source license, and binaries for Windows, Linux and OSX are provided. You need VCV Rack 0.4.0 to run these plugins.
Download Sonus Modular for free:
Linux 64-bit [.zip, 1.93 MB]
Windows 64-bit [.zip, 2.15 MB]
Mac OSX [.zip, 154 KB]
Source code [.zip, 112 KB]
To install, just extract the folder sonusmodular inside the plugins directory of your VCV Rack installation.
Arch Linux users can install Sonus Modular from AUR, package here.

The latest development code can be obtained with:

git clone

If you liked it and want to support Sonus Dept., you can make a donation!