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Last but not least summer sale!

28th July 2018

The last and biggest summer sale of 2018 is here! Our entire catalogue on sale on KVR Marketplace, with discounts up to 60% off!
The sale ends on August 19th, get it now!

Summer sales and deals everywhere!

06th July 2018

Enjoy your summertime with our products, now on sale on different platforms:

Morevover, subscribers of Track Spark will find Ritual Kontakts in their July goody bag!
Sales are ending soon, act fast and fuel your sonic arsenal before it's too late!

Reach the sky with Empyrealm, new huge Kontakt library

10th April 2018

A new Kontakt library is out, and this time it is huge! Please welcome Empyrealm, almost 3 GB of ethereal pads, real wildlife soundscapes, deep drones, metallic percussions and everything else you need to build up the perfect atmosphere!

Semiramis, a complete semimodular synth for VCV Rack, out now

31st March 2018

With the new VCV Rack version a new creature is born, too: Semiramis, a complete semi-modular synthesizer with presets support! Discover its features, listen to audio examples and buy for few bucks (with lifetime updates included) here!

Loopus Modules: a full featured loop station inside VCV Rack - now out!

19th December 2017

We are pleased to announce Loopus Modules, a full featured four track loop station and audio recorder for VCV Rack. Discover its features and buy for few bucks (with lifetime updates included) here!

Sonus Modular becomes 0.5

21st November 2017

With the arrival of VCV Rack 0.5, Sonus Modular is updated with new modules and improvements over the old ones. Download them for free!

Modular madness

19th October 2017

Due to the enormous interest in Sonus Modular, an update is already here, featuring 5 new modules and improvements. Go to the product page and get them all for free!

Let's get modular!

15th October 2017

Now out Sonus Modular, a collection of 7 modules for the open source modular synth emulator VCV Rack. They are completely free (donation obviusly welcome!) and the source code is open. Binaries for all the platform (Linux, Windows, OSX) are provided.

Two new distributors

01st October 2017

Welcome to Bantana Audio and Bvker, our two brand new distributors! You can find a good part of our catalogue in their shops. Help these emerging distributors to grow and get a Sonus Dept. library from them, you will not be disappointed!

Autumn Tales, a new free sound library!

20th September 2017

Let's celebrate the forthcoming new season with a chilling pocket library for FM8: please welcome Autumn Tales, a free sound library that may please the tastes of many.
Go to its product page to discover more and to download it!

Summer sale! Up to 60% off from selected distributors

3rd August 2017

From August 5th until 20th, all the Sonus Dept. products are heavily discounted when bought from these selected distributors:

Now out PERCUSSION ARKITECT, percussion designer workhorse for Kontakt

18th May 2017

Here it comes Percussion Arkitect, not just a sound library for Kontakt, but rather a sound design environment to build your signature percussive sounds.
Based on multiple vector sound layers, many effect and over one hundred modulation parameters (all of them autmatable!), Percussion Arkitect will give you everything you need to create any percussive sound.
Go to its product page to learn more, listen to some sound and video examples and get it for a bargain price!

TRAPPIST-2, free sound library for Bitwig Studio 2.0, now out!

13th March 2017

Dear sonic astronauts, Trappist-2 is out. It is a sound library for Bitwig Studio 2.0, which exploits the many new modulation possibilities and the revamped internal devices of this great DAW to build up eerie and evolving pads, leads and percussions.
Best of all, it is free! Go to its product page to learn more, listen to some sound examples and download it!

Now out RITUAL KONTAKTS, ritual sound library for Kontakt

21st February 2017

Witches and wizards, please welcome Ritual Kontakts, a sound library for Kontakt featuring a complete range of sounds to build your own ritual music: ethnic percussions and drums, strings, didgeridoos, singing bowls, rainmakers, nature SFX and synthesized hypnotic sounds.
Go to its product page to learn more, listen to some sound examples and buy it for only 15 EUR!

Christmas sale! 40% off on KVR Audio Marketplace

16th December 2016

From today until December 31st you can grab our products with a big 40% discount from the KVR Marketplace. Expand your sonic arsenal with powerful sounds and complex FX!

Now out MASS DRUMMER, rhythmic mayhem for Massive

24th October 2016

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Mass Drummer, a collection of 60 patches for Massive devoted to drums and percussions plus some SFX and basses to spice things up.
Mass Drummer allows you to have a full featured drum synthesizer within Massive. Go to its product page to learn more, listen to some sound examples and buy it for only 9 EUR!

Happy birthday Sonus Dept.!

10th October 2016

Sonus Dept. turns two years old this month! To celebrate this important goal, all the paid stuff is 40% off on our official distributors only from October 10th to October 24th.
So, if you want to celebrate our birthday with us, you can get a Sonus Dept. product from one of these websites:

The slight differences in prices you see are due to the different way each website calculates the local taxes.
Thank you for your support and expect some other big news this month!

Welcome FILMWIG, cinematic library for Bitwig Studio

01st September 2016

A new great addition to the Sonus Dept. catalogue: now available Filmwig, a library for Bitwig Studio aimed to those seeking quality sounds for scoring, to experiment with electronic music and in every situation that requires an injection of twisted and powerful vibrations. Go to the product page to know more, to listen to some examples tracks and to get Filmwig for an incredible bargain price.

A new website online!

28th August 2016

Please welcome the brand new Sonus Dept. website. With its clean and minimalistic style, it is now faster, fully responsive and mobile friendly. Expect great product news soon!